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" I go to sleep but my heart wakes …. "

When the daily self steps aside and the heart awakes, healing can begin. I love to work with the whole being — mind, body, imagination, heart and soul — towards the health of the whole being.

I offer several gentle and meditative touch therapies which present your body, mind and spirit with a chance to remember itself as a integrated wholeness and to release itself from ordinary reality to explore its inner landscapes, letting go of tensions and invoking its inherent ability to heal.

The therapies and remedies offered are appropriate to emotional unease, to depression, anxiety, insomnia, learning disorders, stress and trauma as well as chronic and stress-related physical ailments of many kinds.

You will remain clothed throughout these sessions. Please wear comfortable clothing, or bring something you can change into for your session.


Four therapies are offered :

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy: ". . . living waters . . ."
A gentle, clarifying, centering and refreshing therapy which connects you to your fluid body — that impressionable and pervasive part of us which retains a perfect memory of our original nature and our original health. The touch is feather-light but is deeply received.

$75 per session (allow 90 minutes)

Five-element acupressure: " . . . river of life . . . "
Acupressure is in some respects "acupuncture without the needles" — a way of opening and balancing the energy meridians to release physical and emotional blocks, using fingertip contact. The 'five-element' model understands the human body and heart-mind as mirrors of the natural world.

          $75 per session (allow 90 minutes)

Acutonics: " . . . seed sounds . . . " 
Acutonics works, like acupressure, with meridians and energy flow, using tuning forks which resonate at various frequencies instead of fingertips. Sound vibrations penetrate deep into the body. In addition, the psyche, through the ears, delights in and is influenced by the sounds.

         $75 per session (allow 90 minutes)

Bach flower essence consultations: " . . . plant spirit medicine . . ."
The Bach flower essences work to transform negative emotions. This involves an in-depth interview or conversation to discover which flower essences might be appropriate to a particular emotional difficulty you are facing and are seeking assistance to resolve and transform.

         $65 for initial consultation (allow two hours)


Whichever session you choose, plan to give yourself some quiet time afterward, if you can. You may find that our work together continues to bear fruit over hours, days, or even weeks.   

For fuller descriptions of the therapies above, please click on the tabs to the left. If you have further questions, please go to the "contact" page where you can send me an email; or, give me a call. I am always happy to answer your questions.


  all prices include GST