source: Wikimedia Commons

“In health, qi flows through the body like the water over the earth, following certain pathways in certain seasons, flowing from high to low places, gathering in lakes and seas”

I practise a form of five-element acupressure called Jin Shin Do:® body-mind acupressure.

The Japanese words jin shin do can be translated into English as "The way of the compassionate spirit".

Jin Shin Do® grew out of five-element (or Classical) Chinese medicine, Japanese finger-pressure (acupressure) therapy, Daoism, and Western 'talk therapy'. It is the brainchild of Iona Marsaa Teeguarden and has been practised in countries from Norway and France to Thailand and Brazil for more than thirty years.


What is a session of Jin Shin Do® like?

Five-element acupressure combines the virtues of manual (hands-on) therapy, talk therapy and energy work. Opening the meridians (energy flows), it encourages the recipient to relax and come alive while increasing her awareness of the connection between her physical, mental and emotional selves.

After a brief discussion concerning the intent of our session, you will lie on a massage table, fully clothed, with a blanket and pillows for warmth and comfort. I will then use my fingers to hold 'acu-points' on your body. This encourages opening and flow in the particular energy meridian contacted (much as massage encourages the flow of blood and lymph). The finger pressure need not be strong; we will work out together the pressure that is right for you.

As the meridians open, the body relaxes and the mind and heart awaken. The effect — which often develops over several days — can be relaxing, energizing, transformative.