source: Wikimedia Commons

Some comments from Spirit Gate clients:


“I felt very calm about my self and got things done without being plagued. …I feel this is the start of a wonderful process. ...The level of jangling went down. … I feel it was very beneficial to me and I thank you very much. ... I came through something. … I feel I’ve been put to rights — I don’t think I’ve ever said that before in my life.... It was a feeling of a period of growth...." S.G., artist { excerpts from various communications over the course of a series of sessions}


" ... I had a really strong feeling of being all smoothed out. And I didn’t know I wasn’t smooth! Very pleasant … mellow. My mind was settled, but there when I needed it ... and the shoulder pain seems to be totally gone. ... It was a 'being-born' experience: I am just looking around at the lovely world and being pleased to be in it — very powerful. A.C. writer & retired professor {over several sessions}


" ...I feel quite brand new. My reality has shifted. I’m feeling more lucid. ... The fluidity continued well into the night. My awareness certainly increased and I was conscious of energies and forces that were very new to me. It was awareness beyond thought. ... Today I'm experiencing a deep quiet and the ability to be and embrace/connect with others. I feel transformed at a cellular level. It's a quiet, radiant joy. ... What's remarkable is that this all feels quite effortless! ... " B.R., therapist & teacher


“... just to say thank you so much... you were very competent, non-invasive, imaginative and healing. I will continue to let you know what happens but right now it feels like great win-win situation. … I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you have given me ... you have a wonderful gift!” J.C., retired teacher & poet