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What are Flower Essences ?

Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician and classical homeopath working in the early 20th century, devoted the last twenty years of his life to the development of a simple set of remedies made from British wildflowers that would address the health of the physical body by transforming the emotions, which he had intuited were at the root of all disease. 

Taken several times daily in water, the Bach Flowers gently transform negative emotions such as anger, depression, jealousy, grief, shock, fear, lack of confidence, impatience, worry and indecision which can limit our vitality, creativity, intelligence, sound judgement, and compassion and hence our ability to thrive in relationship and in life.

I have studied and worked with these essences over the past seven years and am constantly amazed at their abilities.

I work with Dr. Edward Bach's set of flower essences, which he considered complete at the time of his death.


Questions & answers: a flower essence FAQ

  •  How long before I notice a change? The flower essences do not suppress or ‘band-aid’ negative emotions but work to transform them. Some changes may occur almost immediately; others may take some weeks. Occasionally — in chronic or lifelong conditions — a flower essence may have to be taken for months to achieve its full effect.
  •  What will I notice? You may find that you discover new ways of thinking about old problems, or have insights into your life and dilemmas —these ‘aha!’ moments are common when taking flower remedies. As the essences act to restore you to yourself and to provide insight into your difficulties, you should feel more vividly and serenely yourself. Others may also notice a change in you.
  • How do the Flowers work? One could answer that question a hundred different ways. Here is Bach’s answer: “The individual is treated and as he becomes well, the disease goes, having been driven off by the increase in health” — Edward Bach, Heal thyself