S. Clark


Hello and welcome to Spirit Gate,

I cannot look back far enough to discover the origins of my curiosity about and concern for what is human. In the first half of my life, this led me to study philosophy and literature and to write.

About a decade ago, my taiji, qigong and meditation practices began to work in me and my attention gradually turned from the world of words and ideas to the vast and subtle realms of the human body and the heart-mind, or emotions.

Though it often seems that nothing much has changed — what I now practise feels very much like writing poetry some days — over the last seven years, I have been drawn to train in: reiki, five-element acupressure (Jin Shin Do® body-mind acupressure), biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Healing Touch, Acutonics, Chinese medical qigong and the Bach flower remedies.

Because it may be of interest and because it is important to me to make these acknowledgements, I want to list the teachers who've shared their knowledge with me and whose inspiration is integral to my work.

My teachers in biodynamic craniosacral therapy have included: Michael Shea, Franklyn Sills (of the Karuna Institute in Devon, England), Carol Agneesens and Sarajo Berman.

My teachers in the inter-related fields of Jin Shin Do® body-mind acupressure, five-element Chinese medicine, medical qigong and Acutonics have included: Arnold Porter, Sylvia Freya Fockler, Samantha Jennings, Noël Taylor, Doreen Bakstad, Tolling Jennings, Margo (Bonnie) Rush and Wendy Lang.

My teachers in flower essences have been: Sharon Chevalier, Moneca Litton and -- through their writings -- Julian Barnard, Mechthild Scheffer, and Dr. Edward Bach.

I would also like to acknowledge my taiji (tai chi) teachers, Roger Vermeulen, Judyth Weaver and Diane Kehoe; and my qigong teachers, Purna Ma, Zhongxian Wu and Shou-yu Liang.


I look forward to meeting you,


Susan Clark (MA, BCST, JSDP)